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RCBS Digital Scales

The RCBS Powder Pro Digital Scale is designed form the ground up as a low cost, high performance reloading scale. With a 1500 grain capacity, you can weigh powder, bullets, even cases with complete accuracy up to 0.1 of a grain. It has an infrared data port for transferring information to a printer or powder dispenser.

Lee Pro1000

Add a bullet and pull the lever; all other operations are automatic. One loaded cartridge with each pull of the lever. Primers, like powder, are fed only if the case is present. No wasted primers or spilled powder!You can start loading good ammunition minutes after the press is bolted down. Change calibres in 3 minutes.

Dillon Square Deal

The Square Deal is a compact, auto-indexing reloading machine designed specially for high output of pistol ammunition. It is ideally suited to competitive shooters who use large amounts of pistol ammunition.Standard features include: Four loading stations, auto indexing, factory set for one calibre, Primer Early Warning system, Powder Failsafe system, separate crimp die included.

Ideal for the beginner it is delivered completely adjusted and ready for use.

Hornady Lock-N-Load AP

This progressive press allows you to stop loading, change dies and start loading another calibre in a matter of seconds. It really is lock and load! With a single pull of the handle, you see and feel the precision engineering at work.Features include: Case Activated Auto Powder Drop, 5 station die platform, In-line Automatic Priming and much more!

Lyman Crusher II

The new Crusher II is the ideal press for reloading both rifle and pistol cartridges. The new Crusher looks even better with its durable “Silver Hammertone’ powder coated finish and non-rust handle and links. Like its predecessor, the famous “Orange Crush” the Crusher II measures up to the job. The Crusher starts with a 1″ ram, compound linkage and 4 1/2″ press opening. This even makes the largest magnum cartridges easy to load.

All other models and accessories of listed brands are available.
Other brands are also available on order.