List as of 6th January 2012




.177 FWB mod:65 good condition A57/07 $280.00

.177 FWB Mod 65 orthopaedic grip B28/03 Very Good $360.00

.177 FEG model GPM-02, CO2 gas operated, left handed, spare cylinder and tool, good condition, original box E31/14 $400.00

.177 BERETTA, mod. 92 FS, x2 8 shot mags, CO2 gas operated, IPSC training gun, as new, in original box, E41/04 $650.00

.177 AIR MATCH mod. 600, blue/wood grips, comes with box and accessories, good condition E70/02 $380.00

.177 FWB Mod 65  E81/10 Very Good $360.00

.177 cal AIR MATCH Mod 600, Morini r/h grip, F08/15 Excellent  $450.00

.177 cal FEG Mod:GPM-D2, CO2 gas operated, right handed, spare cylinder and tools, excellent condition, original box F98/04 $600.00

.177 GAMO mod: Compac very good condition E53/06 $100.00

.177 GAMO mod: Compac very good condition E53/07 $80.00

.177 GAMO mod: Compac very good condition E53/08 $100.00

.177 GAMO mod: Compac very good condition E53/09 $80.00



.22LR CBC Mod 722 , bolt action, silhouette pistol, 10 1/2" barrel, Colrecao sights  B19/02   Excellent  $320.00

.22cal DRULOV  single shot.  B37/10  Good  $110.00

.22LR RUGER Mod 22/45, 10 shot mag, s/s, C41/13 V/Good  $350.00

.22LR SMITH & WESSON, mod. 422, very good condition D16/02 $280.00

.22LR RUGER, mod. MKI, target grip, x2 mags, E01/08 V good condition $300.00

.22LR S&W mod: 422, 10 shot mag very good condition E01/09 $280.00

.22LR RUGER mod. Mark I, blue/synthetic grips, 140mm barrel, 10 shot mag, fair condition E52/15 $280.00

.22LR RUGER mod. MARK I, blue/synthetic grips, work condition E53/05 $280.00

.22LR RUGER mod: MK1 blued, good condition, 173mm barrel E53/04 $170.00

.22LR VOSTOK (marglon) cased  E55/12 Very Good $250.00

.22LR RUGER mod: MK1 blued 173mm barrel, good condition E55/13 $170.00

.22LR PHOENIX ARMS Mod HP22, 124mm barrel, original box E65/04 As New $300.00

.22 Short  MARGLON 2x mags ported barrel E82/01 Very Good $320.00

.22LR RUGER Mod MKI bull barrel 2x mags E83/09 Very Good $380.00

.22LR HIGH STANDARD, mod. SUPERMATIC TROPHY, blued/wood grips, fluted barrel, picatinny rail, good condition F66/15 $650.00

.22LR RUGER mod: MK11 target , s/s, bull barrel very good condition F68/04 $500.00

.22LR TOZ mod:35 Free pistol excellent condition G31/08 $400.00

.22LR STAR mod: F sport blued 6" barrel, 2 magazines very good condition  G40/05 $300.00

.22LR MARGOLIN, barrel weight, Pachmyer rest grip, original box, very good condition G40/06 $300.00

.22LR DRULOV, single shot very good condition G72/14 $110.00

.22LR BAKIAL very good condition G76/14 $300.00



.357M RUGER, mod. Blackhawk, single action, good condition B13/05 $420.00

.357m S&W mod.686 action gun, balcor ported barrel, crane locks, B/square scope rail with wings, tesco PDP4 mover dot, action grip with base plate B21/04 Very good $980.00

.38cal ROSSI 6" barrel B73/05  V/Good $200.00

.357m RUGER Mod security six. blue/wood grip, 4" barrel, 6 shot fair condition C10/10 $250.00

.357m S&W Mod 686, Pachmyer wood grip,C18/14  Excellent $650.00

.44m UBERTI  150mm barrel, single action, case hardened action C30/09 As New $420.00

.357m RUGER Mod Security Six, blue 6" barrel hogue hardwood grip.  C61/03  Good $350.00

.357m RUGER, mod. Security Six, blue, 4'' barrel C89/10 as new $450.00

.357m S&W mod. 586 crane lock, trigger job millet target rear sight C96/01 Good $500.00

.357m TAURUS, blue, hogue grip D03/13 Good $350.00

.44m RUGER, mod. REDHAWK, stainless, Pachmyer synthetic grips, 6 shot, 7.5" barrel, good condition D80/11 $650.00

.357 RUGER mod: Security six blued, 6" barrel in original box very good condition D97/03 $380.00

.357m DAN WESSON, stainless, 6'' barrel, Hogue grip, E23/08 As New $500.00

.357m S&W, MOD. 686, 6 shot, stainless, 3 position Aristocrat adjustable site, 6" barrel, V good condition E49/07 $900.00

.38Special THUNDER CHIEF, blue/wood grips, 4" barrel, 6 shot, good condition E66/09 $200.00

.357m S&W Mod:586, blued, rebuilt, partridge front sight, trigger stop, trigger job, excellent condition E70/01 $800.00

.44m RUGER mod: Redhawk 7 1/2" barrel s/s very good condition E70/03 $600.00

.357m S&W Mod 686  8 3/8" barrel, adj front sight, weaver rail, Lynx D1x33 red dot scope, hogue grip. E90/13 Excellent $1200.00

.357m RUGER Mod Security Six blue, 4" barrel F11/03 Very Good $260.00

.357m RUGER Mod Security Six s/s 4" barrel, pachymar grip, F11/04 Good $300.00

.357m RUGER Mod Security Six blue 4" barrel, F11/06 Good $260.00

.357m RUGER Mod: security six, s/s 100m barrel good condition F67/06 $280.00

38 sp S&W Mod 14 blue 6" barrel, hogue grip, partridge front sight, Millet adj target rear sight F83/08 V. Good $650.00

.357m S&W Mod 686 s/s. 4 position adj front sight, hogue grip, trigger job, crane locks F100/04 Excellent $880.00

.357m S&W mod: 686 stainless syn good condition G13/11 $800.00

.357m RUGER Mod: New model Blackhawk, s/s, 168mm barrel, As new G40/02 $630.00

.357m COLT Mod: Trooper MK5, blued, pachymar grip, excellent condition G40/03 $650.00

.357m TAURUS s/s 6" barrel As new G56/07 $620.00

.357mm RUGER Mod: New model Blackhawk, s/s, 166mm barrel, excellent condition G74/04 $540.00

.357m RUGER Mod: New model Blackhawk s/s, 166mm barrel, As new G74/05 $560.00

.357m S&W Mod:14, blued, partridge front sight, adj millet rear sight, match trigger, excellent condition G76/12 $700.00



.9mm H&K, mod. USP Elite, x2 10 shot mags, original box & manual, as new C80/07 $1750.00

.9mm BERETTA mod. 92F, blue/synthetic grips, good condition F81/06 $750.00

.38 SPECIAL HAMMERLI Mod: P240, blued 4x 6 shot mags, excellent condition G35/10 $1450.00



.44 NEW MODEL EUROARMS, mod. Black Powder, stainless/wood grips, 6 shot, as new F83/14 $500.00



50cal CARKHOP air dart gun  D58/14  Good $100.00

.22 short WALTHER Mod OSP ported barrel D76/10 V. Good $180.00

.177 cal WALTHER Mod 53 air pistol, this model made famous in James Bond movie E32/03 V. Good $320.00

.22 short HAMMERLI Mod 230, 2x mags, E81/12 Excellent $250.00

.22LR HAMMERLI free pistol, needs new electronic trigger F83/12 V. Good $200.00



.9mm PARA-ORDINANCE mod. P18-9 s/s 125mm barrel, trigger job, F50/15 $1680.00

38 super SHOOTERS ARMS 1911 elite in Aluminium case G20/14 $1380.00

357m TAURUS Mod Tracker 168mm barrel G40/12 $700.00


(NB Prices subject to change without notice)