Hand Guns



LIST AS OF 8th June 2017



.177 cal FWB Mod 20, two cylinder, barrel weights, bleeder, spanner and filler nut, Cat TX1 Good Condition $500.00

.177 AIR MATCH Mod 600 in case new seals and overhaul, Cat E70/02 Very Good $390.00

.177 AIR MATCH Mod 600 Cat 886/3 Very Good $350.00


.22lr DURLOV single shot custom stock for metallic silhouette D20/11 Very Good $200.00

.22LR RUGER Mod MKI target grip, 2x mags, E01/08 Very Good $300.00

.22LR DURLOV single shot 50M pistol E53/02 Very Good $100.00

.22LR COLT Mod Officers Match, 6 shot revolver, 6” barrel, Cat 885/1 Very Good $1000.00

.22LR BAKIAL semi auto with barrel weight, Cat 891/2 Very Good $310.00

.22LR RUGER Mod single ten S/S 10 shot revolver, Cat C862/5 Excellent $700.00

.22LR MANUHIN Mod sport, blue 2x mags, Cat C875/5 Excellent $450.00


.357m S&W Mod 686 NRA action revolver, Balcor ported barrel, crane locks, B/Square scope rail with wings, Tasco PDP4 mover dot, action grip with base plate B21/04 Very Good Reduced $800.00

.357m S&W Mod 586, blue D100/08 Good $600.00

.357 RUGER Mod Security Six, S/S Hogue Grip, 6” barrel Cat 93138/6 Very Good $600.00

.38sp TAURUS blue, hogue grip, Cat C866/3 Very Good $550.00

.357m RUGER Mod Blachwawk, S/S 5 5/8” barrel, Cat 875/3 Very Good $680.00

.357m S&W Mod 586, blue, hogue grip, trigger job, trigger stop, and crane locks, Cat 887/4 Excellent $850.00



9mm BAILAL Mod Viking. Trigger job, Blue, 4x mags, H08/08 Very Good $800.00

45ACP REMMINGTON Mod 1911, Stamped US Army, some pitting, Cat C890/3 Good $400.00

32 S&W WALTHER Mod GSP, original book and target, 4x 6 shot mags (2 never used), 2x 5 shot mags, case deflector, case catcher, Cat C867/1 Excellent $1,600.00



.44 cal EUROARMS New Model, S/S, wood grip, 6 shot revolver, F83/14 As New $450.00

.45 cal RUGER Mod Old Army, S/S Adj Sights, custom grip, Cat C885/4 Very Good $850.00

.44 cal UBERTIE Mod Remington, 6 shot revolver, Cat 885/3 Very Good $500.00

.44 cal UBERTIE Mod 1858 New Army, adj rear sights, 6 shot revolver, Cat 885/5 Very Good $500.00


.22 SHORT hammelli Mod Olympic A34/07 Very Good $100.00

.22 short DOMINO Mod 601 A46/13 Very Good $75.00

.22 short WALTHER Mod OSP B16/08 Very Good $100.00

.22 short FAS Mod 601 extra mags, B29/14 Very Good $100.00

.22 short DOMINO Mod 601 extra mags, B30/07 Very Good $150.00

.22 short HAMMERLI Mod 230, 2x mags, C52/02 Very Good $130.00

.22 short UNIQUE Mod VO/79, D31/02 Very Good $200.00

.22 short HAMMERLI Mod International, G18/05 Very Good $150.00

.22 short WALTHER Mod OSP B24/7 Good $100.00


.177 Gamo Mod 45 Air Pistol, 95mm Barrel, CO2 gas, G40/13 As New $100.00

9mm GLOCK Mod 17, 2x mags Cat 93109/1 As New $450.00


38 super SHOOTERS ARMS Mod 1911 Elite, in aluminium case, G20/14 New $1300.00

22LR ISSC Mod M22 2x mags, Cat C891/5 $760.00

22LR S&W Mod Victory 10 shot Cat C893/1 $750.http://www.texgunsupplies.com.au/00